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Porsche Owner Approved
We started out selling our car covers at local Porsche meet-ups throughout the nation with great success. The highly meticulous Porsche owners were so supportive and approving of our quality products that we began to sell hundreds of car covers simply by word of mouth. No longer able to manage the huge influx of orders via fax and telephone, we created our website to showcase all of our products.
100% Waterproof... EVEN AT THE SEAMS
A highly water-repellent finish on BOTH sides of the fabric helps protect against rain, while allowing the fabric to breathe and release heat and condensation from underneath the cover. Other car covers show videos of the center material being waterproof, but not at the seams…..where it matters most!
Newest Manufacturing Technology
We use only the newest car cover technology to manufacture our covers with the least amount of "connected" material pieces possible, resulting in a stronger and more durable car cover. Others use out dated machinery that requires "connecting" over 15 pieces of material that can result in a weaker cover with more potential for elements to penetrate the cover.
Fade Resistant Solution Dyed Eco-Friendly Fabrics. Also called "dope-dyeing" the high-performance polyamide fibers require no dyeing after weaving, saving water and energy consumption and slashing waste water, a byproduct of traditional surface dye processing.  The color is added to the polymer before it is extruded into yarn form for maximum fade resistance. Each fiber is a solid color, NOT surfaced dyed. Using solution-dyed fibers can save as much as 1,000 gallons of water for every 1,000 yards of fabric produced!
Non-Scratch Elastic Hems
Our covers come with an elastic hem in the front and back ONLY to lock the car cover down. Other car covers have elastic hems on the sides also (by the doors) that will curl up during warmer days and scratch the vehicle’s paint because the grommet holes for the cable locks are located on the sides for ALL car covers.
3 Year Warranty
Buy from a professional company with a website that has been specializing in car covers for over 13 years. We are dedicated to providing the upmost support for our products with a 3 year warranty on all our covers. Others claim longer warranties, but that doesn’t mean much if the company isn’t going to be around in 1 year. Warranty protection is handled directly by us (NOT THROUGH A 3RD PARTY COMPANY) and protects against defects in workmanship and/or the fabric becoming unserviceable during normal use.